Friday, 19 November 2010

Our day out!!!

''DO THAT, NO NOT THAT"  the children just won't listen, a few days ago we had a little trip of
ours at Henderson park. It all started like this.all the children in our pod had a trip to Henderson park/field. Most of the kids in room 22 thought of games to play with littlies and seniors, but the room 22 kids couldn't play because, they were the ones that was holding the games. We all got a piece of paper and we thought of really cool games to play. There were some games that were interesting such as octopus, 3 legged race, mini hockey, duck duck goose - Kids love duck duck goose, Relays, and some other games.....

We walked to Henderson, which was long for us, well for some people. When we arrived, Rm 22 were setting up the games and the teachers made the groups for the children.There were quiet a few equipment for the eleven groups.

There were not even groups, some were in eights and sevens.We had so much fun even Mrs brown took us for a walk into the bush, which I would call a bush-walk.

There was lots of fun and laughter,there was also heaps of room to play our games, if we never had done this we would still be at school learning things, that day was a wonderful day, I wish we could have a day like this again.

By Rhiannon and Shania

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  1. I like the first part because that is right.
    Because the kids never listen and they just did what they wanted to do and I went to Miss Cheeseman with a headache cause the kids ween't listening to Sasha and I And guest what Miss Cheeseman said'WELCOME TO MY WORLD'