Friday, 19 November 2010

Awesome cricket with room 10

It was an awesome game when we were playing cricket with room 10.
what we had to do was to play cricket and hit the ball as far as you can that was easy rules most of the kids hit the ball far and most of them didn't really try hard I know that my class tried hard and the other class did.And guest what we didn't just play cricket we played this other game but I'm not sure what game is called but I know that it was fun and it was fantastic. We also played a very fast game of cricket and that was so fast i couldn't keep count of the scores but my class mange too!!!!!!!!!!!!
When it was our turn to play we hit the ball as far as we could and guest what we did I image that when our class hit the ball it went on fire and even when the teachers hit the ball and the teachers were kind of funny. I had heaps of fun with room 10 and the cricket teachers thank you very very much it was very fantastic and super also awesome i enjoyed it. 
From Sasha and Aaliyah

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