Thursday, 11 November 2010

Knocked out by high jump

It started a couple of weeks ago I was practicing high jump with Bryan, I was one of the finalist, the bar was quite high it was my turn I ran and jumped I made it over the bar but I missed the mat I don't remember anything after that.  I woke up in the sick bay in the office I could remember something then I remembered I was doing high jump. After a while one of the office ladies drove me home when I was home I fell asleep, when I woke up my mum was home she took me to the doctors after that she took me to Mc Donalds which was good but the bad thing is that I'm not allowed to do high jump any more. When I got home my brothers were there than we played touch outside with our friends.

P.S I rubbed the Mc Donalds in they face

by Tui


  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better Sam. I know you must be frustrated that you can't do high jump for athletics day this year.
    Chin up, you still have one more year at Summerland.

    Mrs Edwards-Knauf

  2. I like the picture Tui it looks very detailed
    from zoe rainbow new zewland