Friday, 26 November 2010

The gala at school

The Gala 2010,there were lots of people buying,eating,playing and selling.
The remarkable thing was eating several types of food cheaply and Sushi seemed to be popular than others because it sold really fast.
Another attraction was to ride in spining cups,a big , long air slide and the swinging boat,but I didn't ride it because it looked like for little kids.
When I heard a loud voice from Mr.Sumich I realised to buy some Raffle tickets,but they sold out!
So I just watched who won the raffle prizes.

This game is Splat A Rat which I have to hit a rat to the hoop when it comes out from a little and thin tunnel  also it can give a chance to win a draw.
It costs 50 Cents for 3 games and  1$ to play 5 games.
So I hit the rat only once from 5 goes,it was really hard to hit the rat in the hoop,because the hoop was far,the rats dropped down fast.

This game was called Fishing for drinks which costs 1$ and I have to hold a fishing rod with a ring . I have to try putting the ring around any drinks and then I can get a drink.
There were Lemmonades, Pineapples, Oranges, Lime and Grape flavours.
It was hard too,but lots of people were cheating to get a drink so I followed them.
The way is to tangle the rope on the stick so that it makes short not to wiggle or spin.

I am expecting the next year gala!!

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