Thursday, 11 November 2010

Archaeological DIG!

Crunch! Dig! Crunch! Dig!   HEY LOOK I FOUND SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Tuesday and Wednesday Rooms 21 and 22 went on an archaeological dig. The things we had to bring was a shovel, spare pair of clothes, gardening gloves and a good pair of shoes so our feet do not get hurt. The teachers (Miss Cheeseman and Mrs Brown) thought to have a dig for our study on Egypt. Mrs Brown was really sure that there was something under there. We thought it was far away from the school but it was behind Karekare. We went outside of the school and came at the back of the school grounds.We all thought we were going somewhere, where it is not in school grounds but we were all wrong it was in the school grounds. I have to say there were a few groups that found interesting things such as old cups that have been broken, old bangles, broken plates and cutlery. Only two people from room 22 got injured, one of the injuries were a cut finger the other one was a rock being thrown at them.

The day was so wonderful and hot, the grass was not to clayish and it was full of interesting things. I would love to have the dig come by again and this time the others can have a chance to find                                                        something new!!

That was the best day anyone could think of we had so much fun. Maybe if we go next time the others might have a chance to find something

By Jay and Rhiannon


  1. wow I wish I can do that again our group did not find a thing and also Rhiannon you spelled Jae wrong but that is all right. Happy Birthday to Rhiannon I hope you have a awesome day


  2. Miss Hughes and I saw you guys having a great time out there in the dirt. I didn't think you would find anything out there but you did! That's exciting learning.

    Mrs Edwards-Knauf

  3. The dig was so fun i really want to do it again
    but only our group found a nail but it was fun but i hope you had fun to.

    by Farah