Friday, 19 November 2010


Beep Beep that is the bus that is going to the Trust Stadium. As soon as I got on the bus my legs were shaking and my heart was beating fast and my hair looks like it was shaking as well as me. When the bus stopped I knew that we were at the Trust Stadium. YYAAA please don't tell me that were there already. I looked out the window oh we were just at the traffic lights that was so lucky but then we stopped again oh no were here already that was quick. We all jumped out of the bus and we walked down the stairs and my knees were still shaking the 11 year old girls first activity was shoot put that is one of my favourite activities I was so lucky that it wasn't sprints because i can not run in the morning
I was so lucky wasn't I?
What we had to do for Novilty racing is dribble the ball and skip through the hoop when you get to the tennis ball and he bat you have to hit it all the way to the skipping rope. When you get to the rope you have to jump five times and then run back but do what you had to do when you started and then when you get to end the next person goes.
What we did for the sprints was that you had to run to the end and the first person to the end gets to go to the finals.
When I did relays it was hard because I have never raced heaps of people before and it was nervous to because I thought that I was going to slip and I felt nervous when heaps of people where calling my name .
At the end of the day we went back to school I thought today was fantastic I enjoyed myself and I know every one else  did and so did the teachers. 
Sasha and Aaliyah

BY Aaliyah and Sasha

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  1. The day was kinda fun for me because I came 3rd at 800m that was so long and after that I was dizzy at the end but I was all right