Friday, 5 November 2010

Art exhibition

The last tiring weeks, we have been doing some spectacular art. The art that we have been doing is called Geometric Art. It is an art of yourself. To make this art the equipment you need is....
1. Crayons 
2. 1 Pencil
3. Ruler 
4 A Camera
It took a heap of time to do the art, at least we got through it, at first we thought it looked weird because of all the color's on your face but at the end it came out brilliant. It took us so many days to finish that art but it was worth it. We all so had  drawn squares on our face and then we colored it in. Here you can see how someones art came out it looks spectacular. Now  this is going to go to an Art Exibition where everyone can see and can buy

1 comment:

  1. I will remember how to do it when i grow up because it is on the blog how amazing is that.