Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Disco Night!!!!!!!!

On the 11th of June 6:30pm. We had a disco in the hall. It was 5 dollars to get in. The things the parents were selling was candy floss, zombie chews, finger lights, glow sticks, fizzy drinks and water. When a Justin Bieber song came on all the girls started screaming and when it was about 7:30pm all of the finger lights were sold out. All of the games we were playing were amazing. The game we played where called Musical statues, Michael Jackson dance 0ff, Follow the leader. The songs were great I knew the songs were great because most people were singing along. The disco was so cool because we got to get out of our houses . At the disco people wore awesome clothes and some people wore some dresses. At the disco there was REALLY LOUD MUSIC!!!!!!! Some people were wearing T-shirts saying I love Justin! when the disco was finished people were angry because people wanted to stay at the disco longer and dance and have more fun!!!!

By Sasha, Hannah, Rhiannon, Sahville
Rm 22

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  1. Hey Sasha,Hannah,Rhiannon and Shahville I had so much fun at the disco as well and I know you did and I have got a question for you guys. Did you scream as well when the Justin Bieber song came on?
    Unity From Room 21