Friday, 18 June 2010

Book Character Parade!

On Friday 18th June at 9:15 AM at Summerland Primary, we had a book character parade. Most of the students in the school are dressed up as their favourite book character. First there was a small introduction by Ezrah, Atarah and Aashay. Afterwards they would call out a pod then that pod would come up on stage and do a catwalk. Before they walk down the stairs, the person has to do a pose! There were cameras snapping pictures of some people they really liked. Then it was the teachers turn to strut their stuff!!! After all that applause, we finally can stand up and dance to the music for a few minutes before we walk out. The most popular characters were Princesses, Superheroes and Cartoon Characters. Students felt really nervous, some students were very excited, and some people didn't even want to go up on stage! As for me, I felt a 100% embarresed because I wasn't wearing any costume at all! I Bet Sahville had a good costume. I felt really shy because it was really nerve racking! After all that dancing we can finally go to morning tea!
By Isabella & Sahville

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  1. Great book character parade! I like the background on your blog! - Jack

  2. It was exsausting writing this blog post!