Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New iPad

On Monday the 21 of June 2010 Miss Chesseman bought in a new ipad. When everyone saw it they were amazed,the ipad was huge and the colour was silver and a little bit of black. Everyone was saying wow it is huge and everyone was trying to touch it and Farhiyo and I was the first one to go on the new ipad. It was awesome and exciting but when we went to one of the internet games we couldn't play on them because there was no Adobe Flash but instead we found a really cool game called Aurora Feint 3 the game was like those puzzle game where you had to click on one of the blocks and move it to make the same three pears , and the blocks looked like water, earth, fire and air and we had to do it really fast because time was running out and if you don't do it fast your lives will disappear and we also got to battle different evil characters and so it was very awesome but it was loading very slowly it took like 3 minutes. So any way Hannah got to go first and then I went on the ipad, the ipad is so cool and huge we had a lot of fun, the ipad is so usefull because it has internet so if a laptop or computer doesn't have the internet or someone else is using it we could use the ipad instead of the laptop. The ipad has maths games so we can practice maths in different ways so we wouldn't forget it because we could just play on it again. The iPad has more games and apps then a laptop could have and the iPad is like a mini laptop because it has most of the things that a laptop has like the internet and games.
A ipad is just like an ipod but the ipad is bigger. You have no keyboard you just use your finger to move around or you move the iPad itself.

By Hannah and Farhiyo

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