Monday, 17 May 2010

Woodhill Racing

wood hill mountain bike race!!!!!!!!

on Sunday 16th may 2010 at wood hill mountain bike park. you had to bike ride on the avanti bike trail. I did the meridian bike jams.
it was ausome you showed came to it next year!!!! you get a goody bag and a magazine, and two milo drinks.
the trail was 5km I came 1st in my race.
it was an assume day. I fall off my bike two times trying to overtake someone on the first km.there was an ambulance there too just in case.

later on in the day I went to the bike shop there was a bike there it cost $7,450 and anther one with carbine fibre forks in the front. suppression in the front & rear of the bike with 6 gears.
then wen I went to the starting grid.
I saw some cool cars on the way back. then it was time to go it was geting late in the day so we paced up the bikes & went back to home.
on the way back dad said wen we get home you wii have to wash your bike because its rally dirty and so is yours luke


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