Monday, 10 May 2010

The Values Filming With Rm 21

On Friday, we did some filming about the Summerland values.
We did it with room 21. Before we started filming, we had to get into a group, watch a few videos then we planned about how, where and when we were going to film it. After we planned it, Miss Cheeseman showed us how to use the camera with a tripod. She showed us how to change the size of the tripod and how to record with a camera. After, we told Miss Cheeseman where we were going so she didn't have to go looking for us all the time. When we went to go and do our filming, we weren't allowed to go where all the other groups were. After we filmed, we imported it to Imovie. Nobody got to the editing part yet because we had to get ready for home-time.
But when we get up to it, we will update this post!!!

By Dain, Olepa and Farhiyo

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  1. i had fun writing it with them and it was so awesome doing it with room 21 one some of the people where doing fake crying like my friend that was in my group.