Monday, 10 May 2010

Cross country.

What a awesome day. People are running and running trying to be 1st. As soon as you pass them they give you a BAD look like you let them all down. Some were cheering you on some weren't. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK the time went fast in your head people were getting ready for the next race. By time it was my turn to race my heart was pounding, my pod was telling me to go faster. I started to pick up my speed. I started to past some girls. I was coming first in the start but then Hannah past me and Sarsha and I was coming in a tie together. When everything finished everyone was very happy and some weren't just because they never made it in the finals.It was hard for some people because you had to try come in the top 8. hi my

by Sasha & Aaliyah.


  1. everyone trying to come first in cross country, it was tiring!


  2. lucky me i didn't do cross country broken hand yeah awesome but i know how it would of felt tiring and hungry and thirsty :O <(")