Thursday, 6 May 2010


Eleven children have made mailboxes over the school holidays. Their names are Tenera, Farah, Jae Yu, Hannah, Isabella, Alex, Tori-Grace, Dain, Vikram, Kevin and Sahville.
They made mailboxes for a competition that was for some books. The books they had to choose were: Cowshed christmas, piggity wiggity jiggity jig goes to dad's cafe and Sting. This is how the mailboxes are made, Tenera's mailbox is made out of a paint container and cardboard. Farah's mailbox is made out of cardboard. Jae Yu's mailbox is made out cardboard, popsicle sticks and foam letters. Isabella's mailbox is made out of cardboard, pink cellophane and plastic plates. Alex's mailbox is made out of recycling cans, cardboard, containers and paper. We are entering the NZ Post book awards competition and it will be on at Westcity on May 14th at 7pm.


  1. wow those are so cool it reminds me of when i did it last year

  2. I like the mailbox and I defornatly liked the cow one.

    from tamir

  3. Yay Mail boxes our entrys were soo good almost al of ours got it! I had soo much fun making it..painting gluing sticking!! It was very artistic-the mail box awards everyone had put alot of time into it thanks Miss Cheeseman for meancining it and stuff! umm thanks Dain and Jae Yu for getting us the roses chocolates and goodies YOU ROCK! Go room 22!

    From Tori-Grace :)

  4. I ROTE DIS BLOG POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Your letterboxes were outstanding! It was fabulous to see all the entries from West Auckland at the mall and to check out the winning ones. Miss Cheeseman, Mrs Edwards-Knauf, Mrs Gibson and I were very proud of all of you. Well done for winning the chocolates and Whitcoulls vouchers - that made Mrs Gibson even happier. Books! Books! Books!
    Ka pai,

  6. wo cool mailboxes

  7. I enjoyed myself at the Letterbox Lineup!

    Sahville :)

  8. wow i like the one that tenera did she is awesome u to farah both of u go room 22 and the best part is that i was in there class so i had some rose's to yeah.