Monday, 17 May 2010


On Friday evening last week, there was a post box competition. Many schools were competing and getting prizes for all their hard work that they had done. Jay Yu and Dain got 'Highly Commended' certificates. All the certificates that were given out to everyone that won a prize each. When we went up, we got given two black bags with goodies in them. In the bags we got some roses and the certificate. We are quite proud of our class and all the people that made a letterbox. We were so happy when we went up stage. Dain couldn't take the smile off her face! It looked like it was going to be on her face forever and ever!!! When we went off the stage we gave our bags to Miss Cheeseman so she can look after them. On Monday morning, we found out what was inside the bag. There were gift cards for the class and the 'Roses' chocolates enough to hand out to the whole class! YUM!!! Everyone had so much fun making the letterboxes! Well done to Tenera, Tori-Grace, Alex, Farah, Isabella, Sahville and Dain and thanks for coming!!!

By Dain and Tori-Grace :)


  1. that is so cool I wish that I have made one =|

  2. Congratulations on your winning entries! I was lucky to see all your amazing letterboxes while I was on duty one day and they were awesome. You should all be super proud of your efforts. I know room 12 loved the letterboxes they saw in the library. Miss Signal

  3. I am so glad that we did this for these Highly Commended certificates!


  4. The compition sounds very exciting. Im sure you enjoyed taking part. please visit our school blog.