Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Adventures at Carey Park

On Friday 27th we went to Carey Park. The activities we did were bush walk where we did a 45 minute walk through the bush. The fun thing about this activity was sliding down all the slippery bits.
On air rifle we just used air rifles and shot glass animals. The bad thing about this activity was aiming because if we missed the target that would be our turn gone pretty much.
On climbing wall we got strapped in and climbed up the climbing wall. The amazing thing about this activity was getting to the top because it felt like I had just climbed 2 meters.
On flying fox we climbed up a whole lot of stairs up to a tree house high up in a tree. Then we got harnessed to a long bit of wire, once we got to the top then we would just step off the edge. The scary thing about this activity was stepping off the edge because it felt a bit like the parents were torturing us (though they weren’t).
On orienteering we went round Carey park looking for different words but we had a map that told us where to go. The joyful thing about this activity was hunting for the words.
On problem solving we had to solve some very hard but fun problems. The annoying thing about this activity was having to try and work it out yourself.
On sports bag we did 3 sports: cricket where we had turns to bowl and bat, soccer where we just try and kick the ball into the other teams goal, volley ball where we just have to hit the ball over the net. The awesome thing about all 3 of the activities was using teamwork.
Last of all water activities where we did 2 activities. One was we swung on a rope and let go and fell into the water, the other one was where we slid on a rubber slide into the water. The stink thing about these 2 activities was that the water was freezing! Man that was an awesome day! After all of that most of us nearly went to sleep on the bus because we were to tired!
JD and Bailey

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