Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why cross county is good for you!!

Reason 1, you should do cross county because, you will get fit and you will start running faster then you normally run, would you like that or would you like to get chubby and lazy, so if you pick to do cross county and you will start to get fitter and faster, more every time you do it.

Reason 2, you should do cross county because you just might become one of the fastest cross county runners in the school, your legs will get stronger and you will have fit and strong legs.

Reason 3, you will be healthy and be able to run a long distance.

Reason 4, it will start becoming fun to you and you will feel good because you went all the way to the end, you will feel proud of your self too.

Finally, the last reason you will get to do it with your friends and, you can all feel proud together because you made it the hole way.

Thats why you should do cross county. You should do it because it is a fun sport.



  1. That's great to know!
    I especially like the running with friends part!

    Lynette ;) :)

  2. WOW some really good resons why we should do cross country.


  3. those are good reasons jordan i mostly like reason 1 when you talked about when you get fit.