Tuesday, 28 April 2009

letterbox line-up!

Shania, JD and Mikayla all did a creative letterbox. We had to choose a book from the NZ post book awards to make a letterbox then we had to make a creative letterbox out of the book that we chose.
Shania chose Chicken feathers, JD did Roadworks and Mikayla did Ducks Stuck we had to make the letterbox as creative as we could, and of course we all did cool ones. We are in a competition to win books for our school library, class library and our selves. The dimensions could not exceed 30 cm-30 cm -50 cm. Our teacher entered us into this very cool competition we think we are only allowed to enter one of us witch is very sad because our teacher doesn't want to choose 1 out of our cool letterboxs. We all put our hard work into them but the most importent thing is that we all had fun making them.

Shania made hers by blowing up a balloon and paper mashe and then I painted the paper mashe in black paint. After that I stuck the feathers on and then I stuck the head on and feathered it. Meanwhile, I let it to dry and soon after that I stuck the balloon on the head and then I put the googly eyes on and took it to school.

Mikayla made hers by using paper to cover 2 boxes and painted them yellow and red. Then she went to the shop and bought a duck mask and stappled it on to the top of the box after that I put a NO JUNK MAIL SIGN on the bottem of the top box then printed, copied some pictures of the book and made little holes for the feathers she did the number I traced a hole for the paper.

JD made his by starting with a shoe box and cut a little bit out of another shoe box and stuck it on top to make the cab then he did the wheels by tracing around a drinking glass. Then painted the cab and the back white and painted the wheels black once the wheels had dried he painted the silver on so it made it look like a wheel. Then he stuck on the wheels and the front and back bumper then the side and back windows, the indicaters and then all the roadworks stuff.


  1. Hi Guys what an awesome effort you have all put into these great boxes. JD mum is really proud xx

  2. These are amazing letter boxes! You are all very creative.

  3. well done Jared I really like your mail box.
    I hope one of you guys win the competition

    Sam room 13

  4. nice letter boxes and good luck in the competition



  5. oh my gosh you guys are so talented you are so going to win by the way can i have one?


  6. Wow those are really cool mailboxes . Hopefully you are all going to be winners!


    room 13

  7. that was great i think i should try that,it even looks perfect Jared it must have taken a long time.

    Ruan room 13

  8. Really cool I really like them I wish I was creative as you guys

    Liam Room 13

  9. cool guys looks like you spent alot of work on them THERE AWSOME

    Shania RM4

  10. WOW awesome!

    They are so cool, i'm speechless right now....

    The letterboxes are so creative!

    Lynette ;) :)

  11. thay are soooooo funky and cool designs to
    I hope you guys come 1st 2st 3rd!!!


  12. I love your mailboxes.

  13. I am so proud of you guys!
    the evening at West City was great and I was very pleased to see all three of you turn up with your parents. I am so proud of your efforts in making these amazing mailboxes, and MY GOSH what incredible competition we were up against. I was also very proud of the fact that you guys did your mailboxes all on your own and many of the others were group efforts! Congratulations guys, in my eyes you are all WINNERS!

  14. A really Proud Mum16 May 2009 at 3:33 am

    Congratd Shania on being chosen in the highly recommended category @ the West City show tonight. The three of you did a wonderful job on you boxes and to have completed them individually to such a high level it was great, There was some stiff competition out there from other class "teams
    who had contributed. All three of your boxes were right up there and I was really proud to see them all on display. Looking forward to the next adventure now !! Go trash to fashion can't wait to see the final results of your efforts in this regard now.

    JD's mum