Sunday, 11 April 2010

visit to soljans winery

Today I went to the WINERY ,KUMEU in AUCKLAND.
Winery Tour started at 11am there were lots of people who were waiting.
The restaurant manager (he looked like my neighbor grandfather) told us how to make a wine for one hour .
First I saw grape trees that were covered with net because to protect from letting the bird eat the grape, and then we went inside the factory where they have alot of instruments those need to make wine .


1.pick some grapes
2.wash them carefully
3.squash and squeeze by the machine
4.Put it in the stainless that can be fermented
5.put it in a wine bottle

After the tour I tested a sweet wine, it tated like salty cola.
So I wouldn't drink it even i grow up.


  1. Hi Alex - thanks for coming to Soljans during Easter to take part in Berba! The winery tour you took was hosted by Tony Soljan who is the 3rd generation Croatian to own Soljans. There was also grape stomping and Folk dancing which was great fun - I hope you got to see that too. Thanks for taking the time to blog!
    Claire Cameron
    Marketing Manager, Soljans

  2. Awesome job Alex - am very impressed with your informative report on the visit - and that Soljans read it too. Keep up the awesome work!