Monday, 19 April 2010

Shania's Awesome Birthday Party...

Yay!! It is finally my best friend's birthday party this is the day we have all been waiting for... A day at Ice Paradise. Soon after everyone was at Shania's house ready to go in the car for ice-skating. Then we pulled up to Shania's grandma house, she was very kind, and was letting us eat the chocolate fudge cake early, everyone had some then there face went red... like they were blushing but they weren't... the cake was horrible... It was dry and spongy and we figured out that it was gluten free.
Soon we were all ready to go when we went, no one was there at ice paradise, it was only speed racing , it was not open till 1.00Pm but the party ends at 2.00pm this is a disaster! We thought about doing laser strike but that takes about half an hour to get there.... Suddenly we saw a sign... It said MOTAT... What a perfect idea! We went inside everything had changed AGAIN last time we went there it was full of sports and now its all about cars even the duct do dome changed it is now called the haunted house.. It is pitch black and you can't see anything it was an obstacle coarse, and there was a net that went up and a rope attached to it, it was scary at first but then we got used to it and went again and again.. It felt as though we were going 1 million times. After the obstacle coarse we were on our way to the scrumptious Mc.Donald's. Soon after that we took Devon home while Shania and I played sing star for half an hour at her house... Soon after that Shania's dad drove me back to my house... And that was one of the best party we have ever been to.

By Shania and Tori-Grace


  1. That was a very very very very very fun birthday party I hope I can have my party there as well birthday is in the winter soo we will be freezing our socks and gloves off...un less..." bing...or ping!!" i have an idea....we could jump up and down- then we wont be cold!! Great job Shania!!...for having an awesome party and for helping me write the thing E!! Your an AWEOME friend!!

    Tori-Grace :P :)

  2. happy birthday shania,i hope you had a great party.
    Have a nice day!

  3. I Love ice-skating!awesome bday party! Sahville

  4. I wish I could go ice-skating but I never have
    a chance! Shania'a birthday sounds pretty awesome anyway.