Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Our awesome new class

Here is our funky new class. We have had an interesting day to day getting know each other and having a few laughs.
If you would like to leave a comment about our first day please do so.


  1. It was a really fun day with heaps of exiting things packed into 1 small day! I really enjoyed playing name games and getting to know eachother. Its was like we were doing two things @ once because one time we were learning and the other we were... rite its all learning! it was a fun filled day!


  2. I think my first day in Room 22 was AWESOME! Miss Cheeseman was funny and fun! I believe that I will have a great year here in Room 22!
    From Kevin Ni

  3. On my first day in rm 22 Miss Cheeseman was so funny and nice. I made a lot of friends and learnt a lot of things and Mr Sumich came in and told how great camp was.From Hannah

  4. I think we have a very,very cool teacher.
    It will be great this year with her.

    By.Dain Lee

  5. alex:
    MRS.cheeseman,you are funny and do the good things. I like you very much.

  6. the first day was really cool and we played really fun games and i think we played games for the whole day .
    And I like Mrs Chesseman because she is really really cool and funny.I think this is going to be fun.

    By Nolwazi Mpofu =]]

  7. Wow! We liked your photos. They were funky and funny. We look forward to seeing more of your hard work.
    Annelise and Gabe

  8. Nice photos of you and your class. They look really good. We know some of the people in your class.
    Sophie and Alfred - Room 6

  9. Thanks so much for your comments - we will be looking at your blog this week too.

  10. I extremely love our class!We get to do lots of fun things to do.


  11. I like my teacher. She is really funny.I'm looking foward to doing I.T things.


  12. The first day of school was fun!! I love the photos u took miss cheeseman.

  13. the first day was awsome


  14. Like the photos you have a great class.Very cool.from
    Isla Melville Int School
    room8 hamilton.