Wednesday, 17 February 2010

news paper

Yesterday we read the newspaper and we read that there was a head to head train crash in Belgium and 20 people died and it was very sad. The interesting section was the sports section because it had heaps of cool sports like cricket, skiing and soccer. Then we choose two pictures with a caption and then we had to say why we choose that picture then we had to cut out the two pictures we choose and the caption then glue them into our journal. Then we took out our sports news page from our newspaper then Miss Cheeseman asked us a few questions after that we cut out a list from the sports news page, what we had to do with the list is read a sports story from the newspaper and tick off what was on the list.
Watch out next week when we take some photos

Tamir and Kevin


  1. yea that was fun! it was kinda challenging but kinda easy as well! i really enjoyed it!

    Tori-Grace :)

  2. Wow! I found that story really interesting. Great job Tamir & kevin.

    By Sahville.

  3. It was very sad but rush hour time does happen, people do die but it was intresting reading when rush hour comes.

  4. I had great fun doing that~

  5. I think the story that me and Tamir made was awesome and interesting too.

  6. I liked doing with the newspapers.
    We had fun doing that.