Wednesday, 24 February 2010


last week we did a lot of stuff with newspapers. We read the newspaper, and leant new things out of the paper, and then we cut the stuff we learnt out of the papers. We looked at photos with sentences under them and found ones we found interesting and put them into our journal. Most of the people cut out a picture of this guy doing a cool trick while ice skating and then we had to write a story about the winter olmpics that is half a page using just a crazy headline. We also did a scavenger hunt - we had to find stuff that was a big bisness and a small bisness and furniture and things we can eat or throw away.
we talked about flags this week and what our flag means. we tried to work out which countries had which flags. we also talked about what it means to have a flag and why they look like it. we also did a class quiz on flags on the screen - this week we got 7 out 10 questions right.


  1. Hi Room 22,
    It sounds like you have been doing some great learning with the newspapers this week. Flags seem to be a very popular topic at the moment, do you think New Zealand needs a new one? That might make a great question to research. You could ask the teachers or the parents or the children.
    Keep up the great learning!

  2. Keep up the good work bloggers! You've got really cool stuff happening!


  3. Thanks Glenys- it was really fun reading and doing the activities in the newspaper the flags were interesting I don't think we need a new flag but if we did I think that we should have the silver fern! thanks

    Tori-Grace :)

  4. Hi Room 22,
    The newspaper activities seem very interesting and meaningful. I am glad that you have such fun working on that!

    Mrs She and Room 7 at Pt England School.Auckland.