Thursday, 24 February 2011

The photographer.

Once there was a man. His name is John. John is a professional photographer. He is in his studio with his most best camera he ever seen. I'm not sure but i think that he printed photo's of himself and his favourite camera. The camera is as black as tar. In the studio he put up a lot of cords then e went bankrupt so he took  photo's of nature that was undiscovered. He copied the photo's then sold every single one of them until he was a millionaire. John lived happily ever after.

By Faaizah


  1. Wow Faaizah!!!!!You are realy smart.

  2. Dear Room 22,
    We are visiting your blog as part of the Blogging Challenge and we love your blog! It is so colorful! We are a class of third grade students between 8-9 years old living in Bangkok, Thailand. We started our class blog in August and our personal blogs in October so we are hoping to learn a lot through the challenge. We have added you to our blogroll so we will check back often. We would really like it if you would come visit us, too!
    Sawadeekha from Bangkok,
    Ms. Chesebro's Class

  3. Hi Faaziah What a wounderful and interisting story. I love how you added simieles! Abigail

  4. Hi Faaziah you are veru smart and u are very creative. You have lots of interisting storys well done you have done great.

  5. WOW Faaziah I like how you said black as tar as a simiele I do not no what it means but it sounds realy interesting.

    BY Kirsten

  6. Wow Faaizah this story should be in the newspapper I like the big words. By Tamanna