Monday, 7 February 2011

Korean New Year

New years day is one of the important traditional korean days.  How to bow?  You sit down on your  knees, gather your hands together and put your  forehead on the hands. Boys put their left hand on right, and girls put their right hand on left hands. If you bow on New years day their are things called lucky bags and you put money in it. You wear special clothes called Hanbok like this.
Gabe and Junmin


  1. I did not know that there was a special way to bow, thank you for explaining it so clearly boys.
    Korean new year sounds like fun.

    Mrs Edwards-Knauf

  2. wow Junmin that was such u nice dress to show us it was so pretty. Never did no how to bow in a special way i like how u bowin that way.

  3. Wow Junmin that was such nice dress! It was a really nice thing to show us. I did not know how to bow a special way to bow like that. You looked so cute in that dress Neha and Stephiane. Abigail