Thursday, 12 August 2010


A couple of weeks ago we did Egyptian activities with room 21.
It was awesome we got to do 6 activities.
They were called Egyptian bread Egyptian sandals senet game Hieroglyphics, beads it was fun we also did Egyptian maths That was kind of hard because we didn't under stand it proprely.
Room 21 was funny because when they made Egyptian bread they made a big as mess and we had to clean up their mess that was so unfair.
But we just did it without any fuss.
It was so fun.
But we always had to clean up the big mess in the back room but we still did it!!!
When we did the Egyptian maths people just keep moaning and asking for help. Do you think that is fair? some people think that it isn't fair well at less we finished the maths sheet.
It was fun doing all the activities we had great time with room 21 and we hope they had awesome fun with us hope their reading this.
Anyway some of the kids always ask for help when they were doing the maths so we
just did the right thing and helped them!!!!!
That day was great thank you room 21 for the awesome fun!!!!!

By Sasha , Aaliyah , olepa

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