Friday, 20 August 2010

Reach 4 the *'s

Starlab reporting for duty.... LAUNCHING 5 4 3 2 1 ....... BLAST!!!

Straight after the bell, Louisa, Isabella and I went out to the court to meet Mrs Dysart and all the other people doing the 'Reach for the Stars'
seminar. Gloria Witheford was our teacher who taught us about the star constellations which is stars that link together to make special pictures! How exciting! We got to feel how a real meteorite feels like, make a Star Chart which we need to help us find star constellations and go into this Starlab AKA Mini Look-alike spaceship. We got to make a comet (the closest thing to a real comet
) with her. She showed us a trick with candles and some dry ice. The trick was she kept a bottle of oxygen which was made by dry ice. If she put the bottle close to the lighted candles the candles went out. At the end, we got to have a bead that changed colour in the sunlight. A few days later, Isabella lost her bead! I found another bead that was blue while Louisa
found out hers was blue. Then I lost mine too!
By Dain, Louisa & Isabella

Left: The beads when theres no sun.
Right: The beads when there is sun.


  1. I am quite jealous about this experience - it sounds fascinating! So what did you learn from the candle and dry ice experiment? Did you guys get to have a go?
    I love the stars and constellations - which constellation is your favourite then?

    Great pity you lost your beads - but really pleased Dain got to show me them before she lost them!

  2. I loved University On Wheels, my best activite so far was Reach 4 the *. But now it might be Mighty Mathsman. How many beads there were I still wonder. Maybe Gloria has a whole room full of beads! Hope she has a company about the Solar System.

    Rm 22