Monday, 8 March 2010

a trip to Ethiopia

Hello my name is Farhiyo . I went on a trip to Ethiopia. I went to see my sister in law because she had a baby boy . When I went there I didt get use to it because I left it when I was little but every one knows me . We stayed after a month then started an islamic school. At the islamic school we learnt quran witch is a bible for us it teachs us who our god is and his name witch is allah . What else l learnt was our religon rule's one of them is after the age of 9 you have to where a scarf because if boys see your hair its not right, its against our rules for our religion, but I am not sure why. Another rule is you need to pray at the age of 9 because it means you don't belife in allah if you dont pray but if you pray it means you do belife our religion but i stared at the age of 7 because i learnt quickly . The islamic school is on Monday to Thursday, and Thursday is a half day . After we stayed one month it was a special day for the muslims. So I and all my friends and cousins went to this big beautiful garden that was so green like green paint. When we got there we had some chips, drinks and burgers. Then we went to the slides and the monkey bars. When it got late we went home and my sister made us popcorn then we watched this move called 'shot it'.It was the best move . The next day we went shopping and i buyed a skirt and its t-shirt with shoes .On the other day my mum went shopping to buy clothes because like all other people that go on holiday but not men the buy clothes form a other places for muslim people and sale it her for money so my mum got some clothes because some of our cousins and friends and family said that they wanted clothes to buy so we got some clothes to buy .Then it was our last day and we had a good sleep .When it was morning we stared to pack up then when it was 3 clock we in the car and went to the airpot and had our last tomato sauce and chips at ethiopia .We said bye to every on and went into the airplane we stayed in the airplane for three hours then landed into dubia .I ran to the bed and called room survice i had hot choclate and cake .Then i went to sleep when it was morning i went down stairs to have something to eat after we ate we went to hop on the airplane and this time it was 5 hours .When we landed in brisbane then we stayed in brisbane 1 minute the went back in the plane and left brisbane and stayed on plane 3 or 4 hours and we were back home yeah yeah yeah .

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