Monday, 15 March 2010

Lady Gaga

On Saturday Rhiannon and Farah went to Lady Gaga's concert with thousands of people. Rhiannon and Farah had so much fun that when they got home they were sleepy. Lady Gagas concert was held at the Vector arena. The songs she had done where: Poker Face, Love Game, Bad Romance, Just Dance, Eh theres nothing else I can say, Naughty Boy, Telephone, Videophone, Uh Oh, and Paparazzi. The 5 dress's that we like are: Bubble Dress full of bubbles, Fireworks bra with fireworks flying in the air, pink space glasses for a space song Tornado dress for a tornado act Princess dress for a weird kid song. It smelt like fireworks because there where a lot of fireworks. We ate and drank: coke and water, hot fingers and chips. We both could see it well but we were watching it from the screens that were held all around us. The concert she made was called the Fame Monster. We hope Lady Gaga comes back to New Zealand again. Next day Lady Gaga made a comment on twitter and she said that all the people in Auckland are a bunch of idiots, we think her comment about Auckland wasn't very nice. We both thought the concert was very good though.

by: Rhiannon and Farah


  1. it's really interesting that you went to lady GAGA.
    it's to hard to see her.
    you will bee really lucky.

  2. Wow! Farah & Rhiannon, you have put alot of effort into that blog post! I wish I went with you to the Lady Gaga concert with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :)& :( & :) :) :) :)! Sahville