Friday, 27 November 2009

Our year in words 2009

We all wrote 30 descriptive words that we could think of to describe our school year [as we are nearing the end!]
we put them into to see what were the most common words. the thumbnail will show the big version on
check it out and see what we think of this year.....

Wordle: Our  year in words 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

Culture art display

The Culture arts celebration was amazing how all the artists that did the art celebration put all their might in it to do the culture arts celebration and I think that they did great at it and all the little children that helped did a pretty great job for little ones . Their was a lot of stuff that every body liked at the Culture arts celebration.
My favourite bit of art was Nathan and Lily's and peaches because they were artistic with heaps of colour and patterns. they used lots of different materials to do it too.
It was really cool looking at all the art work from different classes in the hall


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Room 8 and 28 Go On A Trip!

On Tuesday, 9th November, Room 8 and 28 went on a trip to Corbans Estate. We had to walk from school to Corbans Estate (which took about 30 minutes). When we arrived, we split into two groups. The first group did flax weaving and the others weaved head bands for themselves. The mamas helped us if we had any problems or if we were struggling. When we were flax weaving, we had to make flax flowers. We had to carefully shape the flax to give it the right shape. Sometimes the shaping part was really hard but we all got used to it. When we were making the headbands, we got given 3 strips. Two of them were the same colour and 1 of them was a different colour. The strategy of weaving was down and over, down and over. The best part was eating lunch under the trees in the park because it was so refreshing in the sun. What was also really fun was watching different schools perform at the special festival where heaps of schools performed a different kind of culture. One of the topics that the schools did was that some boys did the Maori Haka. After we did everything at Corbans Estate, we made our way back to school. Although we were only there for two and a half hours, we had heaps of fun.

Gene and Zee

Athletics day 2009

This term we had Athletics, it was awesome! We had our Athletics at the Trust Stadium, the weather wasn't so good, but we managed to get through. These are the types of events we had: Shot Putt, 100m sprints, long jump, discus, high jump and novelty races. In athletics there were different times for different ages. Like for the 10 year old girls they had a break first and the 11 year old boys and girls had shot putt. It was really nice for everyone to have breaks because they got to hang out with their friends and eat! Everyone had a great time, especially the people who got 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There were people who got really tired, they even got sleepy! Even though some people didn't come 1st, 2nd, 3rd they are still proud of themselves, for trying their best. Lots of people had sore legs and sore arms, people were also excited and terrified. There were also parent helpers who helped during the events. Thanks to all the people who came to support us. After all the events all the people who wanted to do the 800m had to run around the track two times. In the end we had Relay races, which is when the pods v.s each other. Also the relay racers got to v.s the teachers! It was hilarious!! All together we think Athletics day is a fun day for even people who are not very sporty and we shouldn't stop doing it every year.
By Sapwe & Lynette

Thursday, 5 November 2009

We are the World!! Cultural Festival

For our Cultural festival on the 19th of November some of my classmates and I [Ezrah] are doing a dance for 'We are the World' kind of like a little tribute for M.J . The whole school will be doing something, everyone will be dressing up for a country e.g me N.Z but for the dance that me and my friends are doing , I will be singing for my classmates and they will be dancing. I heard that there will also be a fan dance, art work on display, some acting and of course me, and do you know what will make it even better you being there. It was a great success last year it should be even better this year because there are more surprises to come it will be awesome, fun and entertaining. Check out last years photos