Friday, 7 January 2011

12 Days of weird Christmas's

We were inspired by our pods creation of the Summerland 12 days of Christmas for our assembly and we created some 'weird' and different 12 days of Christmas of our own. Here is an example. We emailed Smiggle so they could see this creation too! [AND they responded!]
You can see the others by visiting here 12 days of Christmas


  1. How funny, and very enjoyable. Last year I took 15 students from a support class in a secondary school on an excursion to Circular Quay, Sydney to see some of Austrlia's most famous landmarks - Harbour Bridge, Opera House, The Rocks. However, the students greatest concern was "Where is Smiggle?" We walked from one end of the city to the so they could buy a rubber and pencil. I can't wait to show them your animation.

  2. It has so many smiggle stuff in it its so FUNNY!
    Gabe RM22

  3. Lol very funny i LOVE SMIGLE they are so cool i had to go all the way to city to get a smiggel bag :) :)