Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Personification Poem : Books

I sit on a shelf beside a window feeling hot and cold some of my pages can't hold.
I've been trampelled on jumped on by my grumpy owner. Someday I'll have a lovely owner that won't break my spine because they don't own that kind of mind.
I am made of trees can't you see from branches to leaves into a factory. My poor paper has been in a typing machine for too long it feels longer than 3,600 songs.
When I try to speak zero words come out I feel daft and want to shout.
Screaming for help just like in my words I've meet two pairs of eyes but not lemon curd..mmmm If I had a mouth I would die from wetness would never be dry would never be read.


By Tori-Grace


  1. I love this poem! You've really understood the idea of personification. Your use of 1st person is very good and you've included some lovely phrases in your writing. Well done!

  2. WOW! Thank-you SO much!! I'm sooo sorry I havn't got back to you! SORRY!

    Come have a look at my blog if you want ... THANKS!

    Tori-Grace ( aka TORZ! )