Sunday, 10 October 2010

The review of dispicable me

Despicable me a spectacular movie,a lot of laughs,some dramatic scene's and great animation. If you have not seen the movie the main character is known as Mr Gru. He wears a black and grey scarf around his neck.He has a nose as pointy as a sword,he is so bold that it is as clean as a mirror. He wears grey clothes and he has a Spanish accent.

It's about a man that a supervillian and tries to steal the moon then addopted three kids to help steal somthing. He hated the children at first then started to like them.Well we shouldn't give the movie away so you will just have to see it.

If you comment on this post you will get two free  tickets to the movie....
na just kidding.

Vikram and  Kevin 


  1. I am SO jealous - I am desperate to see this fact I may become despicable myself if I don't see it soon!
    So pleased you wrote a blog post on it!

  2. Iv'e seen the movie love it and I also like how the youngest kid umm... what was her name never yelled fluffy after Gru won a toy for her "ITS A FLUFFY!!!!.".


  3. I wish I was there....

    Looks like it was funny...

    Louisa and Tenera